Best mounting for Pixhawk 4 on S500? Anti-Vibe mount??

Good morning everyone!!
I am in the middle of my S500 build and I am using the pixhawk4 with the PM-07 PBM
I have purchased a Anti vibe mount for the APM based controllers, it is the one with the two molded plastic pieces with the four little BLue rubber absorbers in the four corners.
So my pixhawk obviously came with 4 of the foam sticky mounting tabs and I had ordered this anti-Vibe mount the same day I ordered my pixhawk4 . Now that it has arrived not sure I like it (was only &$7.00) it seems to raise the pixhawk4 almost an inch above the top plate but more importantly it seems it would allow alot of vibrations to the controller. I have read a few not many like 1 or 2 posts of people having flight issues related to this mount and they remove it problem solved again not exactly sure which FC was being used (pretty sure it was other holybro FC not pixhawk )
So seeing none of the mounting holes on it line up with any of the holes on my top plate,
I dont want to start drilling more holes in my plate if this mount is ultimately going to cause more problems .
Should I just use the foam tabs and skip the anti vibe all together ?
Maybe go through the drilling and mounting for giggles just to see ?
Any thoughts from any one that has used this style of FC mount ?
Thank You