Best hardware for nitro boat?

I run an 11 cc nitro hydroplane boat. I am soliciting opinions on what autopilot hardware to use.

I intend to use it to log the IMU first, to get an understanding of the vibration levels. On one hand maybe I should go for a vibration-resistant one like the Pixhack V3 which the gas helicopter guys seem to like for its vibration resistance. On the other hand, does it make sense to spend >$200 just to get data for deciding a unit?

Still thinking about vibration, the boat pulls 8 or 10 g in regular racing maneuvers, and I have no idea how hard the vertical accelerations are as it slaps the waves at 35 m/s. 10 g? 15 g? What does this mean about the isolation approach? Should I follow what the fixed wing airplane guys or helicopter guys do because the pull those sort of g’s all the time, or more what the rover guys do because they run over rough ground?

It would be nice to have the wires coming out front and back more like the pixhack V3 and not out the sides like a lot of units for multicopters seem to do.

I am open to suggestions, hints, and tips!

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A Kakute F7 may be a good choice. The IMU is isolated and it’s <$50 to try out. Accepts direct battery voltage up to 6S making it simple to power. Wiring comes off the top of the board, not sure how that will work for you. I just put one in a Plane.

BTW-Full scale on the accelerometers is 16G’s I believe.

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