Best GPS for drone swarms

Hi there!

What GNSS/RTK receiver would you recommend for drone light shows? I will have a RTK base station set up to for the receivers. I am planning on using Pixhawk 2.4.6 flight controllers (by the way, let us know if we should use another flight controller instead for a drone light show).

Our main criteria is that it is accurate and fast enough for us to avoid collisions. Second to that, since we will be buying it in large quantities, we want it to be cheap as possible given the first criteria.

Someone suggested that we use the U-blox F9, though I see it selling for $200 dollars per unit on the internet. Is there anything cheaper which fulfills our criteria?

Separately, do you have a recommendation for an RTK base station which can handle up to 200 drones?

Thanks so much for your help! I really appreciate it!

Probably the F9P is the cheapest and one of the best ones out there. Go with that.

Any RTK station can cope with 200 drones. The question you should pose is: Can your network handle the load?

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Thanks for this information! Speaking of the network, is there a router (or a set of specifications for a router) you recommend for outdoor drone shows? Should we use more than one of those routers?