Best Flight Controller for 800mm Hex

I’m building a camera platform and need some advice on which hardware to use. I’d appreciate any and all pros and cons and any recommendations on the various Pixhawk
designs available.


Соосная окта на 800 мм

Использую Cuav V5 nano

I’m a big fan of the mRo control zero. We were flying cubes before we switched over. It’s very stable and easy to tune. As a bonus it’s tiny for weight savings.

I would probably use a cube. Either the proficnc ones or the CUAV V5+ models. I have a couple Nano’s in my large 1300mm Octo and well as my 2 810 Hexs. I use the Nano so I can have the 6 and 8 Dshot outputs that I need

The CUAV V5 Nano package has been good, I’ve got one on a 700 quad and it’s good, was easy to set up and tune, compact…
Needs antivibration mounting though.

My advice would be Cube Orange With standard ADS-B In carrier with a good power system like the Mauch PL series.

People often overlook the importance of a good power system with larger builds as well.

I would not go with Orange cube on a big build since they sell it as beta and it is dangerous to fly a beta on such a big machine.
We used to fly cubes but quit due to all this beta release stuff. Flying CUAV now and couldn’t be happier.

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Have you looked at the CUAV CAN PMU? It works great. I have 4 of them