Best FC board for small 4in arducopter drone


we have some small drones with ardupilot and Matek F405 mini TE board.

we have some success with these board but we think that these small boards (1mb flash) with limited functions in arducopter are very poor performance and it appears some issues randomly due to limited hardware.

the big brother of these board, the Matek H743 mini, have 2mb flash memory. it have the similar mounting holes (20x20).

the performance of these big board appears to be more reliable.

anyone have experience with these board, the matek H743 mini??

These are decent boards, especially the later ones with the ICM42688 IMU. One thing to be aware of is that they get very hot so I would say that temperature calibration is a must.

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you talk about the barometer temperature calibration?

we have a lot of issues with the baro foam isolation. we dont find the correct way to isolate the baro from the outside wind currents.

we have done the tcal baro calibrations and we find the following:

the system works better with more time flying. at the start of the flight, the barometer oscilates a lot. few time after, the barometer works much better.

Have a look at the review video from Andy on YouTube. He goes in detail about the new ICM42688 IMU.
link - The Beater Review - Matek H743 Slim v3 - YouTube

No. IMU temperature calibration. I have a few of these boards, Slim’s and a Mini, and they perform well.

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