Best Contribution of the Month, September

Congratulations to Ardupilot community members IamPete and Muqing_cao, for each winning Ardupilot’s “Best Contribution of the Month” award for September 2018!

Iampete (Peter Hall) won for his work on sailboats. Peter has written the majority of AP’s sailboat support, tested it and helped DavidBoulanger get it working as well by writing up this documentation refered to in this discussion. See this pull request, along with joint work on it by Randy.

Muqing Cao won for his work on zigzag mode, related information can be found here, see this pull request, and this one.

The prize for the month was $200 to each of the top contributors. Thanks to those who donated to ArduPilot, including our Corporate Partners . If you are a company and wish to donate a prize for an upcoming month, please email the partners email list (

Congrats again Muqing and Peter!


Great work, congrats guys and thanks for making a great project greater!

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Thanks all! I have to also thank in particular @rmackay9 for his work on getting Sailboat merged, @OXINARF for helping me out on gitter and @David_Boulanger for testing the code.