Best contribution for June - Maverick from Fnoop

Congratulations for Fnoop for winning the “Best Contribution of the Month” for June 2017 for his latest work on Maverick, a dataflash log file analysis tool.

By the way, if you want to find Fnoop, he’s a very active participant in our ArduPilot Vision Projects gitter chat room.

The $200 prize is courtesy of our Partners and also from donations from individuals.


Wow! Thanks so much, really a huge honour :slight_smile:

I caught sight of some of the other ‘Top Contributions’ while looking at a github issue last week, would it be possible to list some of them here? I feel a bit embarrassed to have won this amongst the epic contributions that others have made :wink:

If anyone has any suggestions or requests, please do put them here or as an issue on the maverick github. In particular, if there’s any interest in this as a standalone tool, I’d be happy to break it out to a separate project.

I have lots of ideas and plans for the future - the next update will hopefully add realtime graphs updated directly from the flight controller, and in the future moving beyond the somewhat limited Grafana dashboards by adding a proper (R based) statistical analysis backend and rich frontend dataviz to visualise things like an autotune session, for example.

All of this is possible of course thanks to the endless awesome work by the core developers - in particular @tridge and @peterbarker for Pymavlink and all the dataflash logging work, and @rmackay9 without whom none of my copters would fly! ‘maverick-mavlogd’ - which is the component that translates the dataflash logs to the influxdb time series database - leverages DFReader within Pymavlink which to be honest did most of the hard work for me :wink: I’m hoping to extend DFReader now to use the newer dataflash-over-mavlink to allow realtime updates.


Thanks to the partners and individual donations for initiatives like this. It’s a great motivation and just a great way to highlight some of the really cool things happening around this project and community.


Congratulations, @fnoop!

I know it is a little bit late but congratlations again @fnoop. I know I have been constantly asking you questions and you always take the time and answer. Love your work man!