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Best contribution for Jan - Michael Du Breuil ublox M8P Here+ RTK

Congratulations to Michael Du Breuil for winning the “Best Contribution of the Month” for Jan 2017 for his Added support for HERE+ GPS and other RTK intergration

This new feature adds support for the uBlox M8P RTK GPS, between this work and that of Michael Oborne, using RTK has never been simpler. Setup of the base station on Mission Planner (donate )is only a couple of clicks, and there is basically no setup on the aircraft. The usage is transparent to the user, other than the notification of GPS status 5 (RTK Float) and status 6(RTK FIX) to show you its all working well.

The prize this month is $200 plus a NAVIO2 Linux autopilot on Raspberry Pi Kindly Donated by Emlid

By the way, the “Best Contribution of the Month” will continue each month of 2017. Contributions can be bug fixes, new features, improvements to the wiki or anything else that helps the ArduPilot project. The way it works is we “label” Pull Requests with the “Top Contribution” label and then on the development call call of the month we collect up the entries and then there’s a follow-up vote. If people want to nominate entries for next month, feel free to comment below some time in February.

Thanks to those who donated to ArduPilot including our Corporate Partners. If you are a company and wish to donate a prize for an upcoming month, please email the partners email list (

Congratulations Michael!


@WickedShell don’t forget to send me half of it for reviewing (and merging) it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Great work!

This is a tool for professionals, but … the addon is for … WINDOWS ? …this is 2017 :slight_smile:
That’s a shame, please consider contributing this to at least one of the three multiplatfor GCS tools.

yes, this is 2017! and Mission Planner is the most used tool in our community. This work was done VOLUNTARILY by Michael Oborne for Mission planner, I am sure the other GCS maintainers would welcome your pull requests.

Mission Planner runs well in Wine, and parallels, feel free to try it! or contribute to the others…

pull requests welcome.

Is there any reliable GCS software that has this feature yet ? (aka , for other OS than windows)

@Andre-K added support to MAVProxy, but I don’t believe that version was released as a stable build yet.

fantastic ! :slight_smile: thanks.
It seems like Qgroundcontrol has it too…

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