Best board to use for heli

Hi Bill,im after I we bit of advice ive got an F7 mRo board that has 8 pwm slots but im getting problems with it and a bad gyro ive got nothing really connected to it but only way it will arm is buy forcing it,ive got aMatek F405 board that is goodbut ony has 6 pwm’s if I chnge the channel 8 tp 6 will that mess up how the functions work,finally I can order a Matek H743 F/C that should work,many thanks.

Hey Marty!
Try contacting mRo. They’ll surely help you out.

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I am awaiting on a reply about some thing else they seem to be slow at the moment,thank you Mallikarjun+SE

I can get a Matek board local to keep me at the project

No, that should be fine. For a traditional helicopter, you only need 5 PWM outputs

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Thank you Bill I will put the main motor on channel 6 and go from there your a star.

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