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Benwake TFmini Plus I2C on CubeBlack

try to install 2 Benewake TFmini Plus I2C on CubeBlack.
follow the instruction document set up TFmini Plus UART to I2C.
then mount on CubeBlack I2C 2 port, there is not any sornaanrrange response.

  1. test it by Benewake wincc_tf.exe tools, it works by UART.
  2. updated to lastes firmware of TFmini Plus
  3. all setting correct on MP.
    not sure where is wrong.
    Thank you for any advice.

Have you looked at my blog ?

Thanks @ppoirier,

How do you connect arduino to Pixhawk 2? or just use Arduino to make sure I2C works.
Actually I use Nano ATmega328P Board to connect PC
for 2 TFmini Plus to setup it back to UART mode.

I see you use following command

5A 05 0B 11 7B
5A 05 0A 01 6A
5A 04 11 6F

Once using 5A 05 0A 01 6A changed mode to I2C, the TFmini can’t accept save command 5A 04 11 6F, I think

With the TFMini-S the mode change once you issue the save command = 5A 04 11 6F

I use Benewake GUI, send any commend to TFmini plus, there is not response.
Do you get response on the Benewake GUI.

It works now. Just changed address then change mode by the GUI.
The sonar range does not show distance, but confirmed it works in CTL+F proximity.

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