Benewake TFmini PLUS & Cube Orange not working (and with a possible solution)

I received recently a few TFmini Plus(UART) and on a certain build i had to install one on a Cube Orange with 4.1.3FW on copter. No matter what i did (following the wiki) i was not able to get a rangefinder reading on MP. Checked settings, cables, BW GUI that i was getting a reading. Everything was checked multiple times as also tested 3 of the sensors in total with no luck.
Final Solution was to setup everything as i always do (exactly what the wiki says) and on the sensor side, download latest BW GUI and FW, run update, connect to GUI, send command for normal mode and not pix mode (i had done this also before the FW update), verify that pix box is not ticked, send save command, connect on serial4 and it worked. I hope this is found usefull for other people getting the same problem.

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