Benewake TF02 Pro, I2C, Pixhawk 6C

Has anyone had success connecting a Benewake TF02 Pro to a Pixhawk 6C via I2C port? If so I would be v. grateful if RNGFNDx and any other important parameter settings could be shared. I have an external power supply for TF02 Pro (with common ground to I2C connector on 6C). Thanks.

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Hey Richard,

I have a TF02 Pro working on i2c with a pixhawk 5x. The weird thing is the range always seems capped to 12m regardless of my max range set in the parameters below, which I think is because you have to use the RNGFND1_TYPE=25 (TFmini Plus-i2c) setting. The TFmini Plus has a max range of 12m. Never looked into it further as TF02 Pro-i2c works but its on my to do list. Note your settings will differ due to the i2c address you set, ground clearance and orientation of the sensor.

Hi Eric, Thanks for your response. I didn’t try the TFmini plus I2C setting - instead I contacted Benewake regarding resetting my device from I2C to UART. They sent me a short piece of python code that I ran on a Raspberry Pi with the TF02 Pro connected to Raspi’s I2C IO pins. It successfully reset the TF02 to UART and I was able to then verify its correct operation using the Benewake PC graphing program via a UART USB adaptor on PC, and - after that - in viewed output in Mission Planner Status->sonarrange, with device plugged into 6Cs Telem2 port. I haven’t tested it’s max accurate range yet but I think I read that it’s about 10m outdoors in daylight.

Thanks Richard. Yes, I considered changing back to uart. I have reached out to them. I don’t have a raspberry pi but explained I have an Arduino to possibly flash settings back. We will see.

Thanks again,