Benewake TF02-Pro and TFMini


I just received these two units from Benewake.

TFMini is on a small Quadcopter (RPI4-Navio2) running arducopter 4.0.3

I had a fly today, Altitude hold is solid and obstacle clearing is also fine.

TF02-Pro is on an hexacopter with CUAV-V5+ running arducopter 4.0.3

Really happy with altitude control.


What caused the fly away?

No “Fly away”, a flight (fly) today.

I have a few of these, both the plus and the s model. I really like them, that work fantastic in Althold and POShold.

Great!The data looks stable.

I am building an Hex 980 and have the TF02, long story short i need more serials. I ordered the TF02-Pro

What are the setup parameters in Arducopter?


RNGFNDx_TYPE is 19 (like TF02?).


Some news:

CUAV V5+ is “Pixhawk” compatible, with a lot of serial plugs.

In order to test obstacle avoidance, I moved the Benewake TFMiniS from the Quad Navio2 platform to the Y6 CUAV V5+. Configured in frontal position,

and using one free serial (UART4), TF02-Pro is plugged in Telem2.

the result is interesting.

I moved after take-off close to the wood cabin at the airfield. In the video, you can see the Y6 bouncing away as I try to fly close to the wall. The camera is on ground, looking the sky.

From another flight, same day, without video.

You can visualise the distance to obstacle

and the RC_Pitch command

As soon I release the Pitch, the copter move backward to stay at safe distance from obstacle.

Hi @mlebret i have TF02- Pro will be these parameters work for arducopter or Arduplane landing function…i have little doubt as TF02- Pro doesn’t in the List of parameter configuration.

I use it with arducopter. Altitude control is fine. TF-02 or 02 Pro use same settings.

Arduplane wiki show settings:

Thank you let me try the configuration…

@mlebret i have tried your setting for the TF-02 Pro but it says No range finder detect

i have not serial version of TF02 pro .i have I2C version may be I2c address may wrong in this …how do we read the device current I2c address .i have benewake TF02 pro manual which mentioned only for the serial version to test the sensor output. do you know how to test the sensor in the i2c mode ?

You will have to ask Benewake support.

Ok thank you i will ask them .

Do you happen to know if the TF02 Pro RNGFNDx_TYPE=19 works on Copter v4.2.0-beta3? I am using i2C communication. The TF02 Pro works for me on type 25 but it seems the max range is 11-12 meters even though I have the max range set to 3000cm

My first post on the forum, so sorry if I failed to leave out any pertinent details.