Benewake TF02 CAN bus Support in Copter 4.2.x?

Hi, I had Benewake TF02 CAN purchased by mistake a year ago. I try to set it up today with Copter 4.2.
Anyone can point me to the right setup?


assuming you want to use CAN1, then set:

  • CAN_P1_DRIVER = 1
  • CAN_P1_BITRATE = 250000
  • CAN_D1_PROTOCOL = 11
  • RNGFND1_TYPE = 34
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@tridge Thank you very much. I had done exactly that but it is not working. I will try to see my connection.

I found the doc of TF02 can.

interesting, the TF02 datasheet I have says 250kbps:

please test with both 250000 and 1000000 and see if either work

Neither value work. I think I have the old one.

I revisit the can bus again. after looking the source code I saw that it checking the id.
if (receive_id != 0 && id != uint16_t(receive_id.get()))
after matching the id (RNGFND1_RECV_ID=2 ) it works.