Benewake Luna Lidar setup for avoidance useing serial and numerous luna's

I am wanting to setup avoidance on my we 3 incher and would like to know if there is a way to set up the luna’s as serial on one uart or do I need to use I2c,many thanks.

p/s any one have link to a tiny 360 degree lidar

well if you need a good distance better use an alternative lidar…, if you need more luna and make it work on i2c you need change the i2c address coz multiple periph with same add will have conflicts.

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Thank you David,as I thought will need to read up on I2c

You have to change i2c address on each TF luna lidar, or use a serial for each TF. But I don’t think it’s a problem on a small 3 ", it would already be a good result with only one TF

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Thank you Alberto,once I sort out my gps probs will fit a avoidance luna and try it,loving this project but it has its problems lol

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