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Bendyruler with 4.1.0 beta-5 question

When i do bendyruler with OA_BR_type=1 which the drone detour Horizontally the obstacle like s-curve , it looks like working well. But when i see the ardupilot website about bendyruler things, there are icon which looks like plane appear on the map when the lidar detect the obstacle, but doens’t show up on my map. So my question is, should the icon show up on the map when the bendyruler activate?

i attach my log , Plz review this and check is the bendy ruler really work well,

Hi @wjdtn2909,

If you’re using a horizontally facing lidar or a 360 lidar then little red circles should appear on the ground station map (if you’re using Mission Planner at least) but you’ll need to set one extra parameter:

  • SRx_ADSB = 10. The “x” should be replaced with the number of the serial port used for the telemetry connection. For example.if the telemetry is on Telem2 then set the SR2_ADSB to 10.

Sorry this isn’t mentioned on the wiki, I’ll update it.

By the way, BendyRuler should work a little better in -beta6 so we highly recommend upgrading once it is out in a few days.

There’s no log file attached…

The video image i attached above, it looks like some green icon appear on the map when the lidar detect the obstacle during auto mission, what is this icon then? not red circle you mentioned

then when the little red circles appear on the map? , detect the obstacle?


At the time I made the video Mission Planner was showing the obstacles as green planes but more recently it shows them as red circles.

The circles should appear when the lidar senses something. If there is no lidar or 360lidar then no circles will appear.

내 드라이브 - Google Drive
i attach the log again, can you check this? because i already set the srx_adsb=10 but doesn’t show up the red circle on the map for the obstacle


The link doesn’t work I’m afraid. It just takes me to my google drive… it isn’t user specific so if you open the link you get your google drive, if I open it then I get my google drive…

2021-07-14 ( v60 파라메터 ).param (18.5 KB)

sorry upload again

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