Bench Testing - Sluggish Throttle Servo

Hello All,

Trying to bench test the system driving servos and I’m getting a very slow and limited responce from the throttle. As far as I am aware it is fully armed, or at least the voice from QGC says so. In Acro mode there is bery limited responce from both channels, in manual mode the steering responds normally.

Any idea why the throttle is missbehaving?

Begining to test my Setup prior to mounting it to the rover. Vanilla install of Ardupilot rover - other than safety checks disabled. The compass and gyro is not calibrated. No ESCs connected, only servos, and the +ve for the servos are powered seperately. Clone hardware at the moment, but will be upgraded later.

I will continue to try and fix it. I’ve two things to try; forcing steering to output to both servos to enaure the output is working, and testing the servo outputs direct from the receiver.

Scrub testing from the receiver, I can see the channels are working on the radio test & calibration page.

Servo channel works fine. Set the throttle channel to ground steering and it behaves.

There is a “slow” function on the throttle output by default to protect things like gearboxes from sudden throttle changes. It is controlled by the MOT_SLEWRATE parameter. Change it till the throttle works like you want it to or better so your rover can handle the throttle changes.

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Thank you, that certainly sounds like it could be the culprit. I thought manual mode was going to turn off all features like that. I’ll test tomorrow now.

That was it thanks! Defaults to 100% per second.