Beitian bn-880 with FC Matek F405 wing

Hi from Brazil,
I am trying to configure a Beitian BN880 as GPS and compass installed in a control board Matek F405 Wing.
My fixed wing is a Arwing 900.
Voltage in the Beitian pins is 5V but it seems that is not working because I can’t see the white dots to calibrate it during process calibration in the Mission Planner.
Could someone give me a hint on how to proceed in this case?
Thanks a lot
Silvio Franco

Did u manage to solve it ? I have same issue

Yes. It is solved. Thanks for answering

How did u solve it ? I have similar board and same gps module. Gps seems to work but compass doesn’t. Can u support ?

Hi, Maciek. Pls, see the attached pictures of the wiring. In the iNav or Betaflight, use UART 2 for Rx2 and Tx2.
I watched a video on YouTube that shows the Voltage must be 3.3V.

What uart are you using for ardupilot?

Hello, did you solved it?

Something doesn’t sound right. According to the manufacturer the voltage range is 3.6V to 5.5V, with the recommended voltage being 5V.

The reality is that if 5V is not used, the GPA.Delta values increase and GPS failures start to appear.

To me it works with 5v and 3v3. GPS is working fine but compass doesn’t work in Ardupilot. But I tried it in INav and compass worked well.

But did you solder anything additional or simple uart?

Now it works. Problem was with auto orientation.