Being able to choose flight mode on bootup

I have not been following, but I was wondering if the user would be able to choose the startup flight mode? It always boots to Stabilze mode if channel 5 flight mode parameter is disabled. It was talked about a few months back. Herelink people want us to turn the ch5 flight mode off and I understand why, but always boots up in Stabilze mode. Just checking…thank you!

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Awesome…thank you.

Someone asked about this a few days ago. I tested it as working on a quad running 4.1.0-dev.

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NO “INITIAL_MODE” parameter in ArduCopter’s paramters.cpp

It´s only available from Copter 4.1 onwards.

Tested and working with 4.1.0-dev.

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Where do you place this code in the Herelink folder

What about reading the documentation ? Lua Scripts — Copter documentation

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You shouldn’t need the script anymore. Use the initial mode parameter. There’s really no good reason to remain on pre-4.1 firmware.

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i am using a px4 stack. Does it have anything to do with locating the lua script file

If you are using PX4 firmware, you’re asking the wrong crowd for help.

If you’re using PX4 branded hardware with ArduPilot firmware, update it to 4.3 latest and use the parameter as discussed above. You do not need Lua scripting for this feature.

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yes i know. But unfortunately i am on a px4 stack . i might swotch to ardupilot for the rest of my cases…

If you already knew that, why are you asking here?

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Here you go.
PX4 forum
Does PX4 even do Lua scripting?