Beidou Navigation System for Here+ RTK GNSS


Is it possible to set Beidou Navigation System for RTK GNSS in the ardupilot firmware?
Would like to try how Beidou navigation system performs in China.


That is dependent on the GNSS device you use, not exactly on ArduPilot. The Here+ RTK does have support for Beidou. You can configure the device through ArduPilot using the GPS_GNSS_MODE parameter, for which you can select one of:

  • 8: only Beidou
  • 9: GPS + Beidou
  • 11: GPS + SBAS + Beidou

I’ll say that I’m not sure Mission Planner is configured to provide RTK information for Beidou, so be aware of that if you are trying to get RTK lock with Beidou.