Behaviour of two channel ailerons in STABALIZE mode?

I have setup my plane with ailerons on two channels.
I have set the RC5_Function to 1 and all the settings (min/max/rev/trim).
The ailerons behave the way I would expect in MANUAL mode.
I am just wondering why in stabalize mode the ardupilot is just moving one aileron (the one on channel 1) automaticaly. The second aileron still work if I move the stick, but it is not reacting on movement of the plane.
Is this a bug or a feature?
Does arduplane correct the flight only with one aileron or should the other aileron also move?

If it should move - what did I miss?


You did not follow the instructions correctly. Set RC5_FUNCTION set to 18. … ilerons-3/


You are right - that solved my isse.
Many thank’s