Beginner Quadplane for Training

Hey, I’m looking for a quadplane that would be a good introduction for training. We are thinking of eventually integrating our expensive survey equipment onto a quadplane, but first we would want to make sure we are each proficient at piloting a quadplane.

Additionally, we want to make sure our custom GCS can correctly handle takeoff and landing without risking a large VTOL platform.

What would you suggest? What did you learn on?


Hi Asher,

You ask some very open questions that are difficult to answer. It would help if you could narrow the scope a bit by telling us more about your current experience and final goals. For example, can you fly an R/C copter and/or plane now? What do you consider a large VTOL platform? Do you currently have any APM vehicles now? Why do you have a custom GCS?

The number of non-DIY quadplanes is limited. Also, when we use the term “quadplane”, it may or may not encompass tilt-rotors, tail-sitters, etc. Lately, the 4+1 designation is being used for a traditional quadplane with 4 quad rotors and 1 forward flight motor. Do you have a preference yet?

Here are some of the possibilities that come to mind quickly.


MFD Nimbus 1800 VTOL (DIY or RTF)

  • MyFlyDream
  • FoxTechFPV
  • Banggood


  • Finwing Hobby


  • Bix3
  • XUAV mini Talon
  • Mini Skyhunter
  • E-flite Convergence or equivalent
  • Skywalker X8 Wing