Beginer - How to start the HKpilot 32

Hi Every one.

I am very new on autopilots, I am puting together a boat and after purchase the autopilot, I noticed that I need to upload the firmware. The software offers some otion for firmware but none of them are for boat. I would like to ask if any one knows what is the correct firmware that I need to choose to load in the autopilot to use in the boat?

Jader, use rover firmware.


There is no ArduBoat firmware per say. You need to use the ArduRover firmware and set it up for either servo steering or skid steering depending on how you plan to steer your boat.

Thanks Guys.

I assume if I use servo option I will need to instal a servo connected to a mecanical steer and if I use skid I will need to use two motors to steer the boat. Is that carrect? Do you have experience for what is the best way to control the steer?

For your first project I would go for the servo steer option. I think it’s easier to get up, running and tuned. But that’s only my opinion.