Before and after lol! 120m falls are bad!

120m to the ground and have no clue what happened. There’s a lot of strange stuff in the log. Also, I noticed a fair bit of pitching before going in. The entire time it was in auto doing a mapping grid. Now I need to build something up tonight to finish the job or I’m toast. Anyone with more experience want to look at this? This has been flying for 2 years without ever a glitch and my first crash, pretty disheartening. Here’s the dropbox link for the log, 6gb so it’s too big to attach. … 1.bin?dl=0

Pixhawk, 3.2 firmware
40a DYS esc, Foxtech 5010 motors
T960 Frame
18" propellers…and now spare parts.

I remember something else funny about this flight. On the ground the hud showed the horizon pointing down but the unit was level. Good clue I should have packed up and gone home. On takeoff everything seemed fine, but in forward flight during the auto missing I could see the in the artificial horizon it was pitch up and down and not maintain the requested 8m/s (5-6 instead). After the crash the pixhawk says bad gyro health, but that could have been the impact.