BEC that is 12v

Hello, does anyone know where I can a good BEC that is 12v and that his reliable that won’t burn out for a multicopter.

Good day, what you need power with a 12v bec?

I need to power Herelink receiver

you need 12v to 5v…or pure "12v?

I would like a 12v or pure 12v

ok… here link how many Volts need?

It’s uses 5v-12v input

I would be better if I can get 12v so in the future I can use it for my gimbal

this one is an option JUAL QUANUM 12V 5A ( 2S - 6S ) DUAL OUTPUT UBEC ESC MURAH.

Just consider that ubec are used specially as step down converter…

I looked on Hobbyking but they are discounted.

You can find many ubec around… most used are 12v to 5v or 6v depends on the periph you need.
you cannot find many 12v to 7 or 12v switchable. there is also the option of the 7812 but you wire it by yourself and consider that this kind of component need a small dissipation system coz can get very hot

What’s the input voltage? If it’s less than 13.3V you could use this:

If it’s >13.3V you could use this Buck regulator: