Bebop 2 video stream

I’m new in the drone environment and I bought a bebop 2 drone a few month ago. I decided to take my drone experience to the next level by joining the ArDupilot community. I’ve been flying the bebop drone (with Copter 3.4 installed) a couple times and it perfomed extreamly right with a high GPS accuracy but I couldn’t figure out why I didn’t get any video stream back on my laptop neither could I take any picture ou record on flight…
I use AMP planner 2 on a Mac OS
Thanks !

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Have you gotten any resolution? I have a Bebop 2 and am researching the functionality of ArduPilot as well.

Hi, as I know Disco and Bebop 2 have very similar hardware, and camera type is the same. You can stream video from Disco using pimpctl stream-start command. Pimpctl is an inbuilt command on Disco inside Linux system. Does is exist on Bebop 2?
Have you succeeded in streaming video from bebop 2?
Recording? Are you on it today?