BeagleBone Blue - ESC wireing - drone crashing during startBeagleBone Blue - ESC wireing - drone crashing during start


I wired my ESC to BeagleBone Blue according to this image:

But it is imediatelly crashing during start (turning up side down in random direction).

So i have two question:

  • Is this image showing dron from the top or from the bottom? I connected wires as it be view from the top.
  • How to figure out proper PWM outputs for board like BBBlue which do not have any schemas on internet yet?


@holo_holo Please look at this BeagleBone Blue released, Linux-enabled autopilot for 80$

There is a picture showing where to connect ESC

Thank You for Your reply

I saw that before. Are You talking about this diagram on PWM / Servo? Sorry but it is not teling me anything.

Im looking for such explenation like on the picture which i paste but for BBBlue

And are those images from top view or from bottom?


This diagram is not showing where SVO1, SVO2, SVO3, SVO4… to which motor should be connected or am i misunderstanding something?


I see You changed link i saw that before too, but there is not answare for my question neighter. I woudnt ask if i could find answare with goolge before.

@holo_holo Yes I changed the link for more appropriate discussion.
As for the picture, look here
And check this picture

So the pwm1 is on left hand side

Oo this one, how did You figure it out from that picture which PWM is going to which motor?

Just to be sure if im undersrtanging correctly (and for future use) it should be connected like that:

Picture is “taken” from top view

Your initial image was ok ,

The BeagleBone Blue Pin1 is on the left

But this drone image is view from top or from bottom?


PWM numbers i have writen on the board and this is clear for me which is first i do not know which motor should go to which one PWM. Thats why i im still asking if this drone image is top view or bottom view, because
it is makeing difference.

As for all references it is from top

Hmm so i had connected it like that and did not work. Drone was finishing up side down every time.

i find out some other connections:

But every image there is showing other numeration and other connection. There are different board showed. How to find out correct connection for BBBlue. Is there posibility to check it manually without starting drone? Everytime i try to go up my drone is brokeing wings or legs when somersault in random direction.

I suggest you go through the wiki and perform complete setup and calibration calibration.

For calibration i used autocalibration from Mission Planner and second i tried with QGroundControll too (changeing ESC_CALIBRATION option to “calibrate on start”). I do not have RC im controlling (trying to controlol maybe siutes better) drone from joysitck.

Is such calibration ok or i should buy some tool for it to calibrate each ESC (BLHelli) separetly/manually?

Easiest is to calibrate ESC Manually , I use a 4 connections harness connected directly to a PWM Receiver.

Are You recomending some tool/script/program - if not hardware but programable then mainly Linux but if will be something only for windows, not problem - for it? I do not want to buy all RC stuff only for calibration i want to controll drone only form joystick. Or maybe is ESC calibration posible only with joysitck?

I recalibrated today few times my ESC with ESC_CALIBRATION option and still that same. Can anyone confirm this wireing is ok for BBBlue?

I find out how to calibrate ESC with joystick:

  1. Armed motors
  2. Turned off battery
  3. Pushed throtle to max
  4. Connected battery
  5. After calibration beebs finish chaned throtle to min
  6. After beeps finished tried to start again

With same result. So it is not looking for calibration problem (?) What else can be wrong? Is that wireing for sure correct?

If the propellers turns in the right direction and and the pwm ports are assigned correctly and the Blue is aligned correctly ( USB ports facing forward) and you made the inititial ajustments (compas & Accelerometer) then it should work.

When looking at Mission Planner HUD, does the horizon move according to movements ?

BTW its much easier going on the gitter channel for support :

Wait a second… maybe thats it, need to test it when i turn the board 180*, hope that will be it. Will back to You when i try it


YEEESSSSS!!! That was it, i almost start to cry when i saw it is going up :smiley:

I saw info about that orientation before, but i thought it is according to PWM positions not an accelerometr. I configured it with 180* Yaw option and started to work after 3 weeks of fighting with BBBblue overlays (kernel changes), motors calibration and last with accelomert. Im so happy!!

Thank You very much!!!

Great !!! Enjoy :smile: