BeagleBone Blue, ArduRover 4.1, DataFlash logs being deleted after each restart


I am running ArduRover 4.1 on BeagleBone Blue.

As expected a DataFlash log file (0000001.LOG) is being created after I ARM the autopilot, LASTLOG.TXT contain number 1.

However, every time I restart the Autopilot the existing 0000001.LOG file is deleted, and only LASTLOG.TXT remains in the folder.

It happens every time. It doesn’t matter if I run Ardurover with default log directory (/var/lib/ardupilot/logs), or define my own log directory path ("-l").

Have you ever encountered such behavior?


It might be a good time to test if ArduRover 4.2.0-rc3 fixes this problem.

Thank you, 4.2.0-rc3 does solve the problem!