BeagleBone Black, Pixhawk, and MAVLink


I am currently working with the beaglebone black (BBB) and would like to connect it to the pixhawk via serial to telem port 2 then be able to send MAVLink messages from the BBB to pixhawk.

Does anyone have any experience with this particular setup, or know where to begin?

Thank you

There is nothing special to do, connect Tx Rx and a GND and it will works!

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Here is the doco on how to do it.

Thanks, Grant.

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I hope you have your answer to your Questions :slight_smile:

There are not the doc that shows how to connect Beaglebone black to pixhawk?

Can I have your contact number please… I’m having problem to connect Beaglebone black to pixhawk…


The connection is like all the UART connection :
BBB ------ pixhawk
TX <------> RX
RX <------> TX
GND <------> GND

Look for example how to plug a FTDI cable on your BBB, connecting the pixhawk is exactly the same !