BDSHOT option in the custom firmware builder

Hello, I am looking for a matek F405-STD bdshot target.

I understand that for now only the F405-CTR has one. I would suggest to add, if possible, this option in the ArduPilot Custom Firmware Builder.

For now I will try to build one based on a compilation of hwdef.dat, with my limited experience.
Thank you

There actually is no target for this. You would need to do a PR for the target before it can appear in the custom firmware builder.

hi, thank you,

created here :

@rmackay9, @andyp1per
I see there has been a target built for the cube yellow with bdshot here but it does not appear in the custom firmware builder or in mission planner all options either, am I missing it somewhere?


have done a few flights on my copter running the KakuteF7-bdshot target, no crashes or unhinged behaviour yet. Are there specific flight test goals to reach before this can be merged?