BDSHOT option in the custom firmware builder

Hello, I am looking for a matek F405-STD bdshot target.

I understand that for now only the F405-CTR has one. I would suggest to add, if possible, this option in the ArduPilot Custom Firmware Builder.

For now I will try to build one based on a compilation of hwdef.dat, with my limited experience.
Thank you

There actually is no target for this. You would need to do a PR for the target before it can appear in the custom firmware builder.

hi, thank you,

created here :

@rmackay9, @andyp1per
I see there has been a target built for the cube yellow with bdshot here but it does not appear in the custom firmware builder or in mission planner all options either, am I missing it somewhere?


have done a few flights on my copter running the KakuteF7-bdshot target, no crashes or unhinged behaviour yet. Are there specific flight test goals to reach before this can be merged?

How about CUAV Nora? Could you please add the support here?

CUAV have sent me a Nora+. I will do bdshot support soon.

Great, thanks! I’ll test it. Is Nora+ the same thing as Nora? I can see that the serial sockets have different colors, some are green. And other than that?