BBBMINI - Arduplane error at startup

I know it is a question for Mirko, but he is not available for the moment and I cant wait to fly :slight_smile:
So I just cross-compiled my Arduplane with these:
git checkout ArduPlane-3.6.0 for ArduPlane
git submodule init
git submodule update
alias waf="$PWD/modules/waf/waf-light"
waf configure --board=bbbmini
waf -j8

and when I launch sudo /home/debian/arduplane -C -B /dev/ttyO5
It starts but, stop after a moment looking to get the optical flow=== I have NO optical flow sensor installed.
OpticalFlow_Onboard: couldn’t open video device
Error opening device /dev/video0: No such file or directory (2).

Please note that when I start the BBBMINI as a quad:
sudo /home/debian/arducopter-quad -C -B /dev/ttyO5
It works perfectly.

How do I disable the optical flow for Arduplane ?

P.S. Alternatively I guess I can comment out the code here: ?


A note to Myself & Mirko

Commented out this line & recompiled so I can get the Arduplane starting:

Hi Patrick,

you are right, see .


Thanks Mirko -and rest of the developer team- for correcting this so fast !!