BAYQUS-Completely 3d printed eVTOL drone

I just wanted to share my VTOL project. Purpose is to desing very easy to manufacture VTOL drone ( completely 3D printed).
Here are some pictures from first prototype
On Wing i used special foamy PLA from colorfab which has up to 4 times less density than normal PLA plastic. (but still i needed to add more inner structure which made wing a little bit heavier but i will optimize it)

on other parts I used normal PLA material.
for propulsion system, to keep the system simple, i designed the drone with 5 motors, 4 Vertical, 1 pusher.

I used 6S battery to keep the voltage high , current draw low to not make big magnetic area around the power cables.

and designed changeable nose, for different sensor heads, and i used thread on nose plastic part, so nose can easily attach to the drone without any tool, by rotating.

on first prototype i put the SONY RX0 camera on 2 axis gimbal.

Overall total weight is 1.4kg for now.

I will keep posting. some photos from prototype on attachment.



Gimbal test with SONY RX0 camera

Where did you get the gimbal? Do you like the camera?

Also, I like your VTOL! Have you got it flying yet?


can u please share the 3d files, thank you!