Battery voltage value sent to radio/GCS via Telemetry?

I have a FLVSS voltage sensor setup with the C&T cable. The FLVSS shows on it’s little LED screen, the individual cell voltages and the total of all the cells.
I have a Mauch power module too.

What value is sent via telemetry to the radio and/or GCS for the total pack voltage — the voltage calculated by the Mauch/Pixhawk or the voltage displayed on the FLVSS?
Does the total voltage value sent to the radio include 1 or 2 decimal places?

I have observed that both voltage values get sent:
FVas = Arducopter calculated voltage
Ctot = FLVSS voltage

Since they are not exactly the same, the Fvas value is important since it is this value that is used to trigger failsafes etc.