Battery Voltage Not Displayed in 4.0.11

In version QGroundControl 4.0.6 I was able to bring up Battery Voltage in the Value widget. In 4.0.11 I can select it but no value is reported in the widget. My Arducopter version is 3.6.12 - which I am having to use because the Here+ puck I am using will not calibrate consistently with a more recent version. This is true on both Android and Windows. I have not tested iOS.

4.0 stable, daily builds and the upcoming 4.1 stable only support BATTERY_STATUS for battery telemetry. They no longer support battery information from SYS_STATUS. So looks like your ArduCopter version is just too old for QGC to work against.

Thanks for the info. That is what I was afraid of. I did try using AC4.0.0 thru AC4.0.5 and they all provide legitimate battery readings thru both QGC 4.0.6 and QGC 4.0.11. I’d like to use the later versions but I am running into two other issues in my tangled web of compatibility

  1. Some Here+ pucks will not calibrate with AC 4.0.3
  2. The rtsp video stream that works great with QGC 4.0.6 does not come thru QGC 4.0.11

I will start other threads for those issues. Thanks again.

Hmm. Nothing video related changes between those two releases that I know of. Can you try a daily build to see if video works for you there?

Good suggestion. I did try the 20-11-08 daily build on two different Android tablets and still no video.

Can you enter a detailed GitHub Issue with your setup and so forth so we can see if there is a bug somewhere.