Battery voltage/monitor setup

In mission planner, INNITIAL PARAMETER SETINGS, i have 2 x 3Cell LIPO batteries in parallel, just want to check . do i select 6 cell.? also when connected to QGC through RC it keeps saying battery low and will not arm? when connected from USB to flight controller on PC with mission planner battery voltage fine ?


In this case you would select 3 cell because that is the series voltage. I would do some background reading on voltage in series and parallel before going ahead with this though. This is basic electronics and if you do not have the knowledge it would be safer to do some learning first as LiPos can be dangerous in parallel.

Thanks for the info, have been using LIPO batteries in parallel for years, (City & Guilds diploma in electronic engineering :smile:) same make/type and amps work fine, also balance charge them every 4-5 times after normal charge. it’s the mission planner on my mobile phone that’s saying battery low when using, is there a setting i can change to ignore as it will not arm? battery fine in mission planner on the PC.


You need to tell mp that you use 3 cells, not 6.

Do not ignore pre arm check. Fix the issue, not the symptom.

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Hi, Thanks for the answers and input, i have now sorted and will be testing for first flight with Copter 4.2.0
Skydroid T10 transmitter / receiver - Pixhawk 2.4.8.