Battery upgrade for 3DR X8 RTF

Hi, I have a 3DR X8 RTF and I plan to use the RC timer 2-axis gimbal carrying the SONY NEX-6. The camera+gimbal+extended landing gear are about 1100g, which is beyond the suggested X8 payload limit 880g.
I don’t plan to change the propeller / motor / ESC as I am a newbie to UAV…
Would you please help me to find a better battery upgrade idea for the X8 RTF to be able to lift such payload and accomplish about 8 min flying time?
To open the discussion, I have selected a few candidates from and I would like to hear your comments. Please also let me know if you have better choice.

  1. LiPo 9000XL 4-cell 14.8v Battery Pack 100C rating 862g
  2. LiPo 6500 4-cell 14.8v Dual Core Battery Pack 150C rating 639g
  3. LiPo 6000XL 4-cell 14.8v Battery Pack 100C rating 570g

Thanks for your attention and I truly appreciate your help!


I was interested in this also as I seem to be getting only 8 to 10 minutes of fly time at the most given the fact I’m usually tweaking things via Mission Planner for a few minutes before arming and taking off.

Right now, all the extra equipment (gimbal, ccd camera, fpv transmitter, minimosd) are running off of the flight pack as well. I was thinking about either just beefing up the flight pack or maybe trying to split off some of the extra equipment to a secondary battery.

OP mentioned a few different choices. Is there an upper end for mAh? Any reason not to consider a 10k or even 16k?

Ping, any official word on higher capacity batteries for 3dr drones?

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Hi deinspanjer,

I’m sorry, at the moment the only official battery is the one we are currently shipping with the X8 and Y6:

Upgrading the battery will increase flight time, but won’t solve other issues related to carrying too much weight, such as overheating the motors or decreasing the systems responsiveness and stability.

Understood. I think I’m still pretty good as far as payload and power output. It is easy to keep the X8 hovering with 50% throttle.

I recently saw an interesting battery on the HobbyKing website (not sure if links are discouraged so I’m leaving that out). It was a 4S 6600mAh which weighs 73g less than the X8 stock battery. The big trade-off is C output. it is only 10C constant and 20C peak. The stock battery is rated at 35C, but I haven’t tried to dig into my flight logs to see how much I’m actually pulling down. Since I always get a minimum of 12 minutes flight time, I suspect I’m probably pulling about 26A [ (6000 - 20%)mAh / 12 minutes ] which should be well under the 10C rating of the 6600 mAh battery.

It seems that even if those numbers are all correct though, it would likely only give me 1 to 2 minutes more flight time. :confused:

They talk about the tyranny of rockets, but I think it applies well to LiPos too. :slight_smile: