Battery Sensor: "7: Cube HV Power Module"

I’m setting electronics and basic parameters for a fixed wing. (my first with ArduPilot)

I’ve got everything set up on my workbench - and I’m using a CubePilot Mini Power Brick as my current/voltage sensor and FC BEC.

In previous builds with the Mini Power Brick, I set it up in Mission Planner with “Monitor” as “Analog Voltage and Current”, “Sensor” as “other” and “HW Ver” to “Cube Orange”.

This time the “Sensor” populates to “7: Cube HV Power Module.”

I noticed that the Mini Power Brick now supports 8S - I’m not sure it did before - so maybe this represents the latest version of the thing.

My problem is that I can’t find a parameter where the “Sensor” is set for the battery.

What am I missing here?

Thank you!

Nothing. Various Parameters are set based on what you enter there (Current pin, voltage pin, multiplier, etc)

Interesting -

The value of “7: Cube HV Power Module” seemed to self populate. I’m not sure if that really happened - or how it could have happened. There’s no way I’m aware of it might have been detected.

Anyway - this is a pretty opaque area as far as how it’s covered in the documentation. It’s different than when a parameter is “enabling” and creates other parameters. It’s really a Mission Planner thing - not an ArduPilot thing.

When setting “7: Cube HV Power Module” the other parameters are greyed out - so what you say makes sense - Mission Planner is simply reaching into it’s own database to set these values based on the “sensor” selection.

I’ll have to play around with it a bit more. Maybe if I choose “other” I can just set these values (amp/volt etc.) myself.


The correct pins and multipliers will be set for you. That’s normal.
You still have to use the Initial Parameters calculator to set voltage failsafe levels and actions to suit your particular battery.