Battery Range Circle

Just a thought. I’d like to see a range circle around aircraft illustrating maximum flight range time based on battery measurements with estimated time left to reach minimum safe voltage level.

I use a ground station and monitor the flight characteristics of which I monitor the battery data, but I prefer a graphical range circle that decreases as battery voltage decreases with a green range circle when battery levels are above a set minimum, then it would switch to a red flashing circle when it hits the minimum safe voltage level that is programmed in the failsafe section of Droidplanner.

This process would help alert pilots that they are about to flight below safe levels.

Thanks for the great support. Looking forward to all the innovated ideas and changes coming.

Doug Walmsley

Having that graphical estimate of the range is nice, the biggest problem is how to estimate the discharge rate of the copter.

Please add this as an issue in github (following link). Preferable in a way that makes easier for a developer to implement it (keep the motive here, describe what needs to be done there):

This is what I’ve been thinking should be implemented into the DroidPlanner software.
I posted this already in GitHub but thought I’d keep the discussion alive and moving forward.

Range Circles

a. Planning a mission and program autopilot
i. When selecting way points

  1. Use battery configuration parameters to identify estimated battery distance that the aircraft can fly and return home.
  2. As additional waypoints are added, mission planner recalculates the battery distance for each way point to last way point and provides the operator indications as to whether aircraft can fly all waypoints and safely return home.

b. When Aircraft is Powered On
i. Displayed on Map surrounding Aircraft
ii. Green Range Circle – From max battery distance down to 5% battery life
emaining (recommended minimum but operator selectable to any desired level).
iii. Red Range Circle (Flashing) – from 5% to lowest voltage set in parameters.