Battery monitoring percentage feature request

Is it possible to get a battery percentage reading semi accurate with APM. Right now in mission planner battery percentage is read at 100 percent when you first plug it in even if the battery only has 50 percent in it. When I use the PX4 firmware and plug in the same battery it reads 50 percent not 100. It would be really nice to have that same feature in APM.

Have you calibrated your power module, there’s a good video on this page on how to do it … ge_reading.

There was a post made recently about a copter hitting failsafe on voltage and someone wrote up a really good current calibration method where you recharge your batteries after and compare the mah going in against what was logged, but I can’t find it.

Did you have the same configuration in both the PX4 and APM2 with regards to battery calculation? Same capacity input etc? I would of thought it would read correctly on an APM as well.
FYI APM is legacy know and only critical bugs will be fixed in it for plane.
Thanks, Grant.