Battery indicator in MP


After updating fw to 4.1 the MP battery indicator is switching between 0% and 100%, however the battery voltage measurement is correct and stable.


BATT_MONITOR is set to 3 (Analog only voltage)

It is not a critical failure far from it, but it is quite stressful to fly with that indicator constantly switching.

there is not enough information to help. You haven’t said what flight controller, what power system you are using and how it is connected to the flight controller

It’s a Pixhawk with a 3DR PM connected at power connector of Pixhawk. Really it is not a problem, there is not FS, and it can flight as expect. The thing is only stetic with HUD. Probably is more about MP than AP4.1

That looks like a variance of 0.02 volts, which can just be noise or load from a buzzer or LED attached to the flight controller.

Please set LOG_DISARMED and provide a .bin log