Battery FS, Full prop speed

I have a Cube on a hexacopter.
Tried a bit with failsafe settings with copter on ground.
If battery drops below 10.5V, it is set to Land.
Flight mode is Stabilize.
However, when battery starts warning, the props are going full speed, is this normal? is there a setting i may have forgot?

Are you sure the FS is not set for RTL ?

I have tried both, but same reaction…

When in RTL mode it is normal that the copter will increase motor speed to gain RTL altitude while in Land mode it should not .

Do you have the same behavior raising the battery FS to an higher value , let’s say 11,5 volts ?

RTL i understand why it would increase motor speed.
i will try to raise the value to 11.5 Volts tomorrow. thanks