Battery failsafe triiger on Pixhawk 2 Power port 2

Is it possible to set in Mission Planner that the Battery Failsafe triggered via Power port-2 on Pixhawk-2?


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BATT2 has the parameters for monitoring a second battery. I would try setting those up and see if it works.

Ok, thanks, please share details

search for the parameter BATT2 and it will give a description for each setting.

Thanks, but it seems that the only failsafe may be enable on the main battery 1 source. If the battery voltage drops below set voltage then the copter will RTL or Land mode.

I have not tried it my self but am waiting on a bec for backup power. I would assume that if the BATT2 falls below the set parameters it wold notify you.

I have two sensors,on Power 1 all is ok but on Power 2 i can not set my Much sensor to read anything…
drop menu is also different than batt mon 1…
I double check in full parameter list settings are the same…
only problem i can figure out is;
at moment i am waiting for new LiPos and using 65A 1500W Power supply on only one port,maybe Lipo on both ports must be connected in order to work?