Battery failsafe settings

Greetings to you all!

Setting some failsafes on my quad at the moment. Using pixhawk… I want to set RTL for the battery failsafe, but I m wondering what would happen in some occasion if the battery wont last for that comand. Will it land by itself at that point or will it try to return home and maybe if battery is not enough to crash?

Thanks in advance for any kind reply.

FS Battery could be triggered by 2 tests. One is battery voltage (protect the battery), second one is mAh remaining in the battery (keep enough energy in your tank to go to next petrol station).
If one of these 2 tests are positive, it will trigger the FS action (RTL,…).
But it “only” trigger the action.
So for example, if RTL is engage due to Volt limit and the battery do not have enough mAh in stock, the battery will give up during the fly back. So up to you to define the right criteria of the FS to be able to execute the action.
My personal setup is:

  • Fence defined
  • FS mAh defined to be able to come back home if the copter is at the fence (=max distance from home).
    Hope it help.


I really appreciate your reply! Thank you very much…