Battery Failsafe NOT activating

We’re testing a new aircraft with Copter 3.5.5 using a Mauch power sensor. The configuration is correct for the sensor, and we’re getting appropriate voltages and currents. However, Battery Failsafe is not activating at all, even though it is enabled.

We’ve had several flights well below the battery failsafe thresholds and nothing is happening. The aircraft just continues on it’s merry way.

I’ve placed the datalogs and parameter files here:

If someone can take a look and determine why we’re not getting the Battery Failsafe to execute, I would be very greatful.


I have the same issue. Sounds the alarm but doesn’t activat RTL

Found an issue from in one of your BIN files:
"A value of zero disables low voltage errors"
Mine is set at 10 for example, 10 seconds of low voltage triggers RTL, you might like 5.

Thanks, Shawn!

Yep, that’s probably it. Not sure how that got set to zero. Don’t recall doing that. Sometimes MP will change something when you scroll down with a touch screen. Might have happened then.


I ended up with WPNAV_SPEED set to 0 one time, for unknown reasons, so when failsafe occurs the craft would just hover there at 0 m/s, luckily it didn’t take long to find and fix that.