Battery Failsafe No Longer Works!

My Battery Failsafe no longer works since upgrading to 3.1.5 earlier this week. It worked fine before then, but no longer works. I get a warning at the base station but the Quad does not enter RTL. I’ve been picking at the problem for about three days now, but cant figure it out :confused:

Forgive me if something is wrong with this post, I regularly read the forum but have never posted a topic.

I have attached data logs from a recent flight.

I may have just figured it out! But, I’m going to keep this topic open til I make sure. Apparently my reserved mAH was set to 33. I don’t know how that happen, before it was set to 33%. I did recently change from a 2S to a 3S. Maybe I screwed up the Params while switching over :unamused: