Battery Failsafe - Conflicting operation/description

Wiki, Mission Planner and APM not in sync regarding the Battery Failsafe.

Battery Failsafe Wiki is either incorrect or the Mission Planner/APM has gained a hard code which has not been corrected to allow capacity values less than 1000 down to zero ‘0’ MAH.

Refer to wiki: Battery Failsafe Wiki. See statement: “set the “Reserved MAH” or leave as “0” if the failsafe should never trigger based on estimated current consumed. “600” would be an appropriate number to cause the vehicle to LAND or RTL when only 20% of a 3000mAH battery remains.”

With APM 3.2+ and Mission Planner 1.3.25 - I have tried to set a Battery Failsafe Reserved MAH value less than 1000 and Mission Planner/APM returns to a value of 1000 not allowing lower values.

I would like to disable the amp usage limits on a battery I am currently using. But, would also like to know why the limit if it should be hard coded to 1000 MAH.

Would someone please correct the wiki to the current actions or the firmware to the wiki description?


I am still seeing this behaviour in Mission Planner 1.3.35 build 1.1.5878.12941

I have a 4000mAH 4S lipo and I set the reserved mAH to 800 (20%)
The Mission Planner resets to 1000 when I click away.