Battery empty at 10.3 V

At full charge, the stock Iris+ battery displays 12.3 volts. 10.3 is the Iris coming straight down fast! A couple of times the drone would start to drop and then the battery warning would beep. Droidplanner still says 20% battery left. So Im watching carefully at 10.5 and making sure its close to home.


BTW I bought a couple of these batteries to try out … ouse_.html


You should be on the ground before 10.3V. Not familiar with the new iris+ battery yet but voltages start to drop pretty fast under load when you get below 11V. You’ll risk damaging the battery if you over discharge and it could possibly become unstable and catch fire, very bad.

check this very usefull tread … nt-battery?
I myself put battery failsafe at 10.7 volts

I’ve got my IRIS at a 10.8v warning, I’m always landed BEFORE hitting 10.5v. I think most people opt for a warning around 10.7v.