Battery Coonectors for Traxxas Truck

I’m using a Traxxas Slash for my rover and plan on getting the APM2.6 hardware. The power connector that comes with this uses XT60 connectors. From what I can tell looking at the pictures, these are not compatible with the connectors Traxxas uses. So how does one use the APM power module with a Traxxas?

If it matters this is a brushed 2WD NiMh Slash.


You will have to go to a hobby shop that sells Traxxas spare parts and get a male/female set of Traxxas battery connectors and remove the XT60 connectors and install the Traxxas connectors.

I made a short wire adapter to convert the XT60 to the deans my battery I had. In my case I needed longer wires so it made sense. You could also cut the connector off the traxxas and put an XT60 on, its pretty easy.