Battery configuration and flight times

Hi, I’m trying to get some ideas on what batt config I want to run on my 600 TT Raptor.
Helis are new to me, I don’t have much knowledge in the area. I’m thinking I will run two 6s 3300 hundreds. What batteries in terms of cell count and mAh do you guys use on a 600-size heil? What are your AUW and what head speeds do you run?

@HeliRick i mostly fly my synergy 600 size heli. I use a 12s Ah battery system. This is two 6s 5 Ah Lipo batteries in series. I have flown mine at two weights and adjusted the rotor speed to maintain a similar collective pitch in a hover. I think it is around 5 deg. For a AUW of 10 lbs, the head speed is 1500 RPM and I could probably squeeze out 15 min. For a AUW of 14 lbs, the head speed was 1800 RPM and I was able to fly 11 min.
I think @Ferrosan has reduced his head speed further in the goal of maximizing flight time. So he may have some good numbers to share.

@HeliRick what motor and ESC do you have? after knowing this detail we can discuss further about recommendations.
As a general approach, I run my 600’s on a 6s setup (overall cheaper). I have a Soxos 600 which I use for FPV, so pretty aggressive maneuvering and hammering on the collective- I get 8 mins with a 6s 4000 at 1500rpm.
I also have an old rex 600, stretched to 690mm blades and running a 980kV motor. I get 30 mins at 1000 rpm with a 6s 8000.
Since you are at the beginning, I would suggest to stick to a “standard” setup with headspeeds ranging from 1400 to 1600 rpm. Getting to 30 mins flight times implies some little mechanical mods to the rotor head as well and generally speaking the heli will behave very differently from a standard setup - especially in terms of collective management.

Thank you for the reply. two 6s 5Ah is a lot of battery. I was unaware a 600 could lift that much weight and get those flight times.

Im runnung a 980kV motor and CC Talon 90. I want to buy a rex 600 I can stretch.1000 RPM is so low that is cool!

In the initial phase of learning/tuning, I was running a 4s 5000mAh @ 1170 RPM. AUW of 2.9Kg/6.3lbs Hovering at 4.5 deg pitch and 6 minutes in the hover. The battery is very old and sags a lot.

I had two 3s 2200 lying around so wired them in series. The head speed is running at 1300. The heli went from pulling 20A on 4s to 16A on 6s it is a few hundred grams lighter on the 6s setup. The heli flies a lot nicer on a higher HS It feels sharper and precise in its response.

I have been using Ecalc Heli to get an idea of what setup to run but was getting confused by the results. I feel I can confidently move forward now. I think I will buy two 6s 3300mAh and run them parallel.

I would suggest getting a single 6s 8000/9000 , spare a few grams of cables/ connectors.
Mine does 11A in fwd flight and 15A in hover, at 3.7kg mass.
Yeah lowering HS means more realistic sound :slight_smile: .

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Also, this is an overkill if you’re looking at just an endurance machine. On my 600 test heli I’m using a Flycolor 50A esc , with telemetry, 10 grams against at least 100gr of traditional heli ESC. :wink:

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I fly three scale helis with only 6S. Two 800s (with 12000 mAh) with approx. 10 kg and one 700 (with 8000 mAH) with 8 kg.
The collective blade angle is approx. 6 degrees. Rotor speed between 1100 and 1250 rpm. The amperage when hovering is between 40 and 45 amps.
But I also fly 800 helis with 12S.

I base my configuration on the other components (motor and controller), which I either still have in my tinkering box or can buy cheaply.

So, it depends on your components.



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Thank you. Will look into the Flycolor ESC

Are these the ESC’s you use? All so what RSC setting do you use with a telemetry enabled esc? BL-Heli have stopped doing business. Will AM firmwarestill work with heils and esc?

Yes, I have the 50A and 80A versions.

I use ArduPilot internal governor, so RSC mode 4

I’m sorry, I don’t know. But, for the time being i would stick back to Hobbywing stuff if you don’t want to do “experiments” with different fw (with all the possible problems that might arise with a different - possibly not fully tested- firmware).

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