Battery config in SITL?


I’d like to configure a SITL ArduCopter system to have the same battery specs as the flight vehicle I’ll be working on. Perhaps I’m being dumb- but I’m not seeing that. Can someone point me to a config file/manual/place in the code that I could set up the simulation to ‘use’ a 6S battery?


SIM_BAT_VOLT parameter ?

Dang- that’ll do it, thanks. I missed the SIM_* parameters…

But how will it know the battery charge storage capacity (mAh) from just battery voltage?

SIM_BATT_VOLTAGE is the correct spelling.

print a list a of all SIM_* params with " param show SIM_* " in the sitl console.

also, Don’t put in a BATT_MONITOR, PINs, or a BATT_MULT_VOLT into your simluator params…atleast for me. I had to remove those params to get SIM_BATT_VOLTAGE to be applied correctly. Definitely the BATT_VOLT_MULT was an issue. just take that out and left it use SITL defaults.